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Celebrate the Craft Pils Movement with Us! Get Hops and Malt

Season of Pilsners

We are excited to see a lot of the breweries we work with on Paste Magazine’s recent list of 134 of the best Pilsners. Although we are hopheads, we appreciate a well-done pilsner. Our team has long-standing relationships with the highest-quality farmers of noble hops in Europe. Our team visits these historic regions for selection each year to guarantee the crop meets our standards for craft brewers.

Red Beer Glass

Traditionally the flower, spice, and low bitterness of Hallertau, Tettnang, and Saaz are the hops used in a classic Pilsner. Our Michigan climate and soil are similar enough to the Hallertau region to replicate these classic varieties with slight twists. Our take on the classic Saaz, Zuper Saazer has all the characteristics of Czech Saaz with an alpha kick! Traditional Saaz is mid to high 3’s in alpha oils. Our Michigan-grown Saaz registers at 6.27% alpha!

The grain bill in a Pilsner should be limited and simple. Our partner Proximity Malt has the perfect Pilsen Malt for your craft Pilsner.

Let us know how we can help you build your craft pilsner!

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