Michigan and European Farms


Michigan farmers and global hop merchants

Hop Head Farms was established in 2011 to supply craft brewers with the unique taste of high-quality Michigan hops. Over the years, we have expanded our fields—and our field of view. Today, we bring you world-class hops from Southwest Michigan, Europe, and from respected growers throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Because we were farmers before we were distributors, we have a deep understanding of what goes into every hop we sell—and how we can work together to ensure hop farming remains sustainable for the future of the industry.

Our Michigan farms
We are one of top hop producers and processors in the Midwest, growing a wide variety of hops on our company owned and operated farms in Southwest Michigan.
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The European farms
We have direct-contract relationships with a select group of network growers in Germany, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.
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