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Hops just love Lake Effect weather

Hop Head Farms was established in 2011 in Hickory Corners, Michigan, where our hop fields could take advantage of the rich soils and Lake Effect weather of Southwest Michigan—an area that is quite similar, agriculturally, to the Hallertau region of Germany.

Our hop varieties

We offer a wide portfolio of hops to meet the needs of our craft brewers. In Michigan, we grow classic hop varieties including Cascade, Chinook Centennial, and Willamette, as well as Cashmere, El Dorado®, Zuper Saazer, Copper, Nugget, and an ever-growing list of exciting experimental varieties.

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Small farms, big flavor

Hop Head Farms produces a wide variety of hops across our company owned and operated farms. To maintain quality from field to pellet, each hop yard is managed individually to support variability in elevation, soil type, and varieties. We optimize growing conditions down to the smallest scale—closely monitoring fertility, pest control, and canopy management—to get the best out of every hop.

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A leading hop processor

At Hop Head Farms, we use a combination of German equipment and American ingenuity to get our hops from the peak of maturity to the pelleting plant and into the cold chain with maximum efficiency. Today, we are a Midwest leader in hop processing and production, with nearly 200 acres in production and development, and two hop-processing facilities in Berrien County, Michigan.

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