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Our Story at Hop Head Farms


Hop Head Farms brings you the finest hops, hand-selected from the world’s great hop-growing regions, all hand selected to ensure the highest quality and true-to-type characteristics—for brewing performance you can count on.
Hand selection

Meet the Hop Heads

We bring together unmatched farming, sensory and industry expertise to help craft brewers obtain world-class hops with near-concierge level service.
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We’re farmers

Hop Head Farms consists of company-owned and operated farms in Southwest Michigan where we grow a wide variety of Michigan hops. We also have direct-from-the farm relationships with select growers in Germany, Slovenia and the Czech Republic to minimize layers in the supply chain.
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We’re distributors

We are a distribution partner for John I. Haas and the BarthHaas Group, the world’s most innovative supplier of hops, offering more than 70 hop varieties from around the world and a wide range of advanced hop products. We also partner with Proximity Malt to better serve the craft community.
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We’re your brewing partners

At Hop Head Farms, we are proud to be able to work closely with craft brewers of every size, across the U.S. and around the world. We take time to get to know your operations and understand your needs, to select the best quality hops—so you can brew your best possible beer.