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Choosing the right hops is a lot like brewing a great beer—it takes skill and expertise to get everything just right. And there are plenty of variables that come into play.

Hops on Hand

Hops can have dramatically different characteristics depending on where and when they are harvested. A few extra days on the bine can result in significant changes in their flavor and aroma profiles. To find the best hops, you need to understand and evaluate how they are grown, harvested, stored, pelletized, packaged, and shipped.

Hop Head Farms hand-selects the finest hops, from around the world, to deliver consistent true-to-type flavor and aroma characteristics, so you can always brew your best.

Concierge-level service. Unmatched expertise.

  • Sensory expertise – Hop Head Farms’ sensory the team combines hands-on knowledge of hop farming with unparalleled sensory and industry expertise. 
  • Purchasing power – We ship hundreds of thousands of pounds of hops annually, selecting more than 30 varieties from a dozen farms that we visit throughout the Pacific Northwest and Europe. This gives our customers the purchasing power it takes to obtain the best hops available.
  • Direct relationships – We select hops from our own farms in Southwest Michigan, and direct from the best growers throughout the Pacific Northwest and Europe—giving brewers unique access to world-class hops.

Rub and sniff for yourself.

See the difference hand-selected hops make. Contact Hop Head Farms today to sample some of our lots—and learn more about how we can become a key brewing partner for you.