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Wet Hops are fresh raw unprocessed hop cones that are available once a year for wet-hopped or Harvest beers. Brewers typically use a dosing rate of 10 to 20 pounds a barrel since there is a lot of water weight to wet hops.

Wet Hops are only available during harvest, this typically lands mid-August through mid-September. Ideally, you want to brew with these fresh hops within 24 hours of picking. They are extremely perishable, so they need to be refrigerated along the entire transit from farm to brewery. You can arrange a free pickup at the farm, jump on one of many delivery routes, build a route around your stop or in some cases we can arrange a Southwest Cargo shipment that they fly in and you pick up at your local airport. Scheduling and flexibility are key when planning a wet hop brew day.

If you would like to order wet hops, let us know!

* disclaimer: timing of when each variety will be picked and our ability to deliver that variety to your brewery may change.



Orders must be submitted by August 1, 2024.