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Sabro Hops

Pairs Well With

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About this Hop

Crafting the perfect brew is an art, and the choice of hops plays a pivotal role in defining the character of your beer. Enter Sabro® hops, a game-changer in the world of craft brewing. From its unique flavor profile to its robust brewing performance, Sabro® hops have become a favorite among brewers seeking innovation and distinctiveness in their creations.

Sabro Hops: A Glimpse into Excellence

Sabro® hops, developed by the hop breeding company HBC, are a result of a unique cross-pollination of a female Neomexicanus hop. Released in 2018, this hop variety has quickly made a name for itself in the brewing community, earning a reputation for its complexity and ability to impart distinct flavors and aromas.

What Makes Sabro® Hops Stand Out?

Sabro® hops are notable for their complexity, offering a delightful blend of fruity and citrus flavors with hints of cedar and mint. The hop’s pedigree, stemming from the mountains of New Mexico, brings a unique combination of tropical and stone fruit aromas. This hop variety translates its flavor incredibly well into beer, making it a sought-after choice for brewers looking to elevate their creations.

Brewing Excellence with Sabro®: A Deep Dive

The Art of Dry Hop Additions

One of the key aspects of Sabro® hops is their robust brewing performance, particularly in dry hop additions. Brewers have found that Sabro® imparts distinct tangerine and stone fruit aromas when used in dry hop additions, enhancing the overall flavor profile of the beer. This makes it a preferred choice for crafting hazy IPAs and pale ales.

Exploring Beer Styles with Sabro®

Sabro® hops open up a world of possibilities for brewers experimenting with different beer styles. From IPAs to porters, this hop variety proves to be a versatile companion in the brewing process. The complexity of fruity and citrus flavors, underscored by hints of cedar and mint, adds a unique dimension to the beer, making it stand out in a crowded market.

Unlocking the Potential: Sabro™ in Brewery

Breweries across the globe are embracing Sabro™ hops to create distinctive and memorable brews. The hop’s versatility allows brewers to experiment with various recipes and push the boundaries of traditional beer-making. The result is a beer that not only satisfies the palate but also leaves a lasting impression on the taster.

Sabro® Hops: How to Use Them to Perfection

Pairing Well for Maximum Impact

Understanding how to use Sabro® hops is crucial for achieving the desired flavor profile. These hops pair well with a variety of other hop varieties, such as Stratum and Ekuanot, enhancing the overall aroma and flavor complexity. Whether you’re aiming for a tropical fruit explosion or a more subdued citrus note, Sabro® can be tailored to suit your brewing goals.

Sabro® Hops in the Whirlpool

For brewers looking to extract the most flavor from Sabro® hops, utilizing them in the whirlpool stage proves to be highly effective. The whirlpool process allows the hops to impart their unique characteristics while minimizing bitterness. This results in a beer that is not only aromatic but also smooth on the palate, showcasing the full potential of Sabro® hops.

Sabro® Hops: A Brewer’s Secret Weapon

Brewers have hailed Sabro® hops as a secret weapon for creating beers that leave a lasting impression. The hop’s ability to impart complex and distinct fruit and citrus flavors, underscored by hints of cedar and mint, adds a layer of sophistication to any brew. Whether you’re a seasoned brewmaster or a homebrew enthusiast, incorporating Sabro® hops into your recipes can elevate your brewing game to new heights.

sabro hops

Where to Get Your Hands on Sabro® Hops

To easily acquire Sabro® hops, hop on over to our website at Hop Head Farms. These sought-after hops are available for purchase directly from our site, making it convenient for brewers to buy beer hops for their next batch. Whether you’re a commercial brewer or a homebrew enthusiast, we’ve made it simple for you to access Sabro® hops for your next beer-making adventure. For those looking to buy bulk hops, we also offer wholesale options, ensuring a steady supply of Sabro® hops for your brewing needs

Sabro® Hops: A Flavorful Journey

In conclusion, Sabro® hops are a testament to the innovation and creativity thriving in the craft brewing industry. Developed by the hop breeding company HBC, Sabro® has proven to be a strongly expressive hop that translates its flavor incredibly well into beer. With its complexity of fruity and citrus flavors, hints of cedar and mint, and a pedigree rooted in the mountains of New Mexico, Sabro® hops have become a staple in breweries worldwide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sabro® hops offer a unique blend of fruity and citrus flavors with hints of cedar and mint.
  • The hop’s pedigree, resulting from a unique cross-pollination, contributes to its complexity.
  • Sabro® hops are versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of beer styles, from IPAs to porters.
  • Brewers can unlock the full potential of Sabro® hops through strategic use in dry hop additions and the whirlpool stage.
  • Sabro® hops is available on our shop makes them accessible to all brewers, whether commercial or homebrew enthusiasts.

Embark on a flavorful journey with Sabro® hops and discover the true essence of craft brewing excellence. Cheers to innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of the perfect brew!


How to Purchase Sabro Hops

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Q. What do Sabro hops taste like?

A. Sabro hops impart a distinctive and complex flavor profile to beer. Known for their unique blend of coconut, tropical fruit, and citrus notes, Sabro hops contribute flavors reminiscent of tangerine, coconut cream, and a subtle hint of cedar. Brewers often use Sabro to add a touch of the exotic to their creations.

Q. What country is Sabro hops from?

A. Sabro hops originate from the United States. Developed by the Hop Breeding Company, Sabro was released in 2018 and has quickly become a popular choice among brewers for its intriguing flavor characteristics.

Q. Where does Sabro hops come from?

A. Sabro hops are a result of hop breeding efforts in the United States. Specifically, they were developed by the Hop Breeding Company, a collaboration between Yakima Chief Ranches and John I. Haas. The hop variety was officially released in 2018 and has gained recognition for its unique flavor profile.

Q. How do you use Sabro hops?

A. Sabro hops can be used at various stages of the brewing process to achieve different flavor and aroma effects. They are commonly used in late boil additions and dry hopping to maximize their tropical and coconut notes. The exact usage will depend on the beer style and the desired intensity of Sabro’s characteristic flavors. Brewers often experiment with different hop combinations to create well-balanced and flavorful beers using Sabro hops.

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