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Enigma Hops

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About this Hop

Enigma™ hops are a captivating and versatile addition to the brewer’s toolkit, offering unique flavors and aromas that make them stand out in the crowded world of hop varieties. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes Enigma™ hops so special, their characteristics, and how they can be used to create exceptional beers. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer or just starting, understanding the intricacies of Enigma™ hops can elevate your brewing game.

What is Enigma Hop?

Enigma™ hops, often referred to simply as Enigma, are a relatively new yet increasingly popular hop variety bred and released by the Hop Products Australia program. They are known for their unique and complex aroma profile, which can vary widely depending on the usage and brewing conditions. Enigma™ hops are a high alpha variety, meaning they contain a higher concentration of alpha acids, which contribute to their bitterness and flavor stability.

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The History and Development of Enigma™ Hops

Enigma™ hops were developed as part of the Hop Products Australia program, which is renowned for producing innovative hop varieties. This exciting hop was bred by crossing Tettnanger and an unnamed North American variety, resulting in a wholly unique manner that sets it apart from other hop varieties. Released by the hop products in 2022, Enigma™ quickly gained attention for its distinct flavor and aroma profile.

Unique Flavor and Aroma Profiles of Enigma™ Hops

One of the most compelling aspects of Enigma™ hops is their chameleon-like nature, offering a spectrum of flavors and aromas. Brewers often describe notes of raspberries and red currants, light tropical fruit, stone fruit, and even white wine. This versatility allows Enigma™ hops to shine in various beer styles, from IPAs to pale ales, imparting a juicy with red fruits like raspberries and red currants flavor and aroma potential that is irresistibly appealing.

What Sets Enigma™ Hops Apart?

The complexity of Enigma™ hops lies in their ability to provide different aspects of flavor and aroma depending on the dose rate and addition time. This high alpha variety’s aroma potential can vary, making it a versatile choice for brewers looking to experiment and craft unique brews. Additionally, Enigma™ hops have a high alpha acid content, enhancing their bittering capabilities.

How Enigma™ Hops are Used in Brewing

Enigma™ hops can be used in various stages of the brewing process, each imparting different flavor and aroma characteristics. Early additions tend to emphasize bitterness, while late additions or dry hop additions can highlight the hop’s aromatic qualities.

Late Additions and Dry Hopping

Adding Enigma™ hops late in the brew or during dry hopping can bring out their aromatic potential, offering fruity and complex notes. These late additions help preserve the delicate aromas this beer hops is known for, making them perfect for IPAs and other aromatic beer styles.

Whirlpool Additions

Whirlpool additions are another effective method to maximize the aromatic qualities of Enigma™ hops. This technique involves adding hops after the boil, allowing the hop oils to infuse the brew without excessive bitterness.

The Role of Enigma™ Hop Pellets

Hop pellets are a popular form of hops used by brewers due to their convenience and consistency. Enigma™ hop pellets are no exception, offering a concentrated and easy-to-use product that can be added at various stages of the brewing process.

Advantages of Using Hop Pellets

Using hop pellets, such as Enigma™ hop pellets, provides several benefits. They are easier to store, measure, and handle compared to whole cone hops. Additionally, hop pellets tend to have a longer shelf life and can be more efficiently used in the brewing process.

A table provides details about the Enigma hop variety from Hop Head Farms including pairing suggestions, origin, substitutes, and storage quality.

Brewing Tips: Maximizing Enigma™ Hops’ Potential

To fully harness the potential of Enigma™ hops, brewers should consider several factors, including the hop additions, dose rate, and brewing techniques. Experimentation is key to discovering how Enigma™ can best complement your beer recipes.

Dosage and Timing

The dose rate and timing of hop additions can significantly impact the final flavor and aroma of the beer. For Enigma™, brewers often find that using them in larger quantities during the late stages of brewing or as dry hops can highlight their fruity and aromatic characteristics.

Pairing with Other Hops

Enigma™ hops can be paired with other hop varieties to create a more complex flavor profile. For instance, combining Enigma™ with hops like Citra or Mosaic can enhance the tropical fruit and berry notes, adding depth to the brew.

Comparing Enigma™ with Other Hop Varieties

Enigma™ hops stand out due to their unique flavor and aroma profiles, but how do they compare to other popular hop varieties? Understanding these differences can help brewers make informed decisions when selecting hops for their recipes.

Enigma™ vs. Citra

Citra hops are well-known for their intense citrus and tropical fruit aromas. While Enigma™ also offers fruity notes, it tends to have a more complex profile with hints of berries and white wine, making it a more versatile option for certain beer styles.

Enigma™ vs. Mosaic

Mosaic hops are prized for their earthy and tropical fruit characteristics. Enigma™ shares some similarities but often brings additional layers of complexity, such as redcurrant and rockmelon, making it a unique addition to a brewer’s arsenal.

Popular Beer Styles Featuring Enigma™ Hops

Enigma™ hops can be used in a variety of beer styles, each showcasing different aspects of their flavor and aroma profiles. Some of the most popular styles include:

IPAs and Pale Ales

Enigma™ hops are a favorite for IPAs and pale ales due to their high alpha acids and complex aromatic potential. They impart a fruity and aromatic quality that complements the bitterness typical of these styles.

Saisons and Farmhouse Ales

The versatile nature of Enigma™ hops also makes them suitable for saisons and farmhouse ales, where their unique flavor and aroma can add an exciting twist to traditional recipes.

The Future of Enigma™ Hops in Brewing

As brewers continue to experiment with Enigma™ hops, their popularity is likely to grow. Their ability to impart a wide range of flavors and aromas makes them a valuable addition to any brewer’s toolkit, promising exciting developments in craft beer.

Innovations in Hop Breeding

The success of Enigma™ hops highlights the importance of hop breeding programs like Hop Products Australia. Continued innovation in hop breeding will likely lead to the development of even more unique and versatile hop varieties in the future.


  • Enigma™ hops are a versatile and unique hop variety developed by the Hop Products Australia program.
  • They offer a complex flavor and aroma profile, with notes of raspberries, red currants, tropical fruit, and white wine.
  • Enigma™ hops are used in various brewing stages, with late additions and dry hopping highlighting their aromatic potential.
  • Hop pellets provide convenience and consistency in brewing with Enigma™ hops.
  • Brewers can maximize Enigma™ hops’ potential by experimenting with dosage, timing, and pairing with other hop varieties.
  • Popular beer styles featuring Enigma™ hops include IPAs, pale ales, saisons, and farmhouse ales.
  • Enigma™ hops can be purchased from reliable sources such as MoreBeer and
By understanding and utilizing Enigma™ hops, brewers can create distinctive and flavorful beers that stand out in the ever-evolving craft beer landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned brewmaster or just starting out, exploring the versatile characteristics of Enigma™ hops can elevate your brewing game to new heights. And as Hop Head Farms, a leading wholesale hops company, we’re here to provide you with top-quality hops for your brewing needs.

How to Purchase Enigma Hops

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What do Enigma™ hops taste like?

Enigma™ hops offer a complex and versatile flavor profile that can vary depending on how they are used in the brewing process. Common tasting notes include red fruits like raspberries and red currants, light tropical fruit, stone fruit, and white wine. These hops also have hints of rockmelon and red currant, providing a rich and multifaceted flavor that can be tailored through different brewing techniques.

Where did Enigma™ hops come from?

Enigma™ hops were developed as part of the Hop Products Australia (HPA) program, which is known for creating innovative and high-quality hop varieties. Specifically, Enigma™ is a result of crossing the Swiss Tettnang hop with an unnamed North American variety. This breeding program, part of the Barth-Haas Group, aimed to produce a hop that offers unique and complex characteristics far removed from its parent varieties.

How to use Enigma™ hops?

Enigma™ hops can be used at various stages of the brewing process, each bringing out different aspects of their flavor and aroma. Here are some common methods:
  • Early Boil Additions: Used for bitterness due to their high alpha acid content.
  • Late Boil Additions: Emphasizes aromatic qualities, adding complexity to the beer’s bouquet.
  • Whirlpool Additions: Added after the boil to maximize aromatic oils without increasing bitterness significantly.
  • Dry Hopping: Adding Enigma™ hops during fermentation or conditioning enhances the beer’s aromatic profile, making it juicy with notes of red fruits and tropical flavors.

What is Enigma™ famous for?

Enigma™ hops are famous for their unique and diverse aroma profile, which includes notes of raspberries, red currants, light tropical fruit, stone fruit, and white wine. This variety’s ability to impart such a wide range of flavors and aromas makes it a favorite among brewers looking to create distinctive and flavorful beers. Enigma™ hops are particularly known for their versatility, allowing brewers to achieve different sensory experiences based on the dose rate and addition time.

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