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Ekuanot Hops

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About this Hop

Are you a craft beer enthusiast always on the lookout for the next hop sensation to elevate your brews? Look no further than the Ekuanot® hop! In this article, we’ll delve into the world of hops, specifically focusing on the Ekuanot® variety, formerly known as Equinox. We’ll explore its origins, unique characteristics, and why it has become a favorite among brewers worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned homebrewer or a professional brewmaster, understanding the Ekuanot® hop and its potential can add a new dimension to your brewing endeavors.

The Origin Story of Ekuanot

Ekuanot® hops, formerly known as Equinox, were developed by the Hop Breeding Company (HBC) in the Yakima Valley, a renowned hub for hop cultivation. Released in 2014, this American hop variety quickly gained popularity among brewers for its pronounced aroma characteristics and extremely high oil content. Originating from a cross between the Warrior® and an experimental variety known as HBC 366, Ekuanot® was bred to offer a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from traditional hop varieties.

What Makes Ekuanot Unique?

The Ekuanot® hop is celebrated for its complex array of aromas and flavors. With notes of citrus, berry, papaya, lime, and even hints of green pepper, it offers a truly unique sensory experience. Its high oil composition imparts a vibrant yellow hue to spring soil, gradually maturing to a deep green as it bursts out of the soil. This distinctive combination of flavors and aromas makes Ekuanot® a versatile hop that can enhance a wide range of beer styles, from crisp pale ales to bold IPAs.

Ekuanot Hops Specifications

Brewing with Ekuanot

When incorporating Ekuanot® into your brews, consider using it in late boil additions or as a dry hop. Its aromatic qualities shine best when added towards the end of the brewing process, allowing its flavors to impart fully without being overshadowed by bitterness. For a more pronounced aroma, consider using Ekuanot® in combination with other complementary hop varieties such as Mosaic or Citra. Additionally, experimenting with different hop schedules and quantities can help you fine-tune the flavor profile of your brew to suit your preferences.

Exploring Ekuanot in Different Beer Styles

Ekuanot® hops can be used in a wide range of beer styles, from hop-forward IPAs to more delicate saisons. Its versatility makes it a favorite among brewers looking to add a burst of fruity, tropical flavor to their creations. In IPAs, Ekuanot® can contribute bright citrus notes and subtle bitterness, while in saisons, it can lend a refreshing herbal character. Whether you’re brewing a classic American pale ale or an experimental farmhouse ale, Ekuanot® offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

Hop Substitutions and Complementary Varieties

If you’re unable to source Ekuanot®, fear not! There are several hop varieties that can serve as suitable substitutes or complementary additions to your brew. Experiment with hops like Mosaic, Citra, or Amarillo to achieve similar flavor profiles. While these hops may not replicate the exact characteristics of Ekuanot®, they can still contribute to a delicious and aromatic brew. Don’t be afraid to get creative and explore new combinations to find the perfect hop blend for your beer.

Maximizing Aroma with Ekuanot Pellets

For brewers looking for convenience and consistency, Ekuanot® hop pellets offer a practical solution. These compressed pellets retain the aroma and flavor characteristics of whole hops while providing ease of use during the brewing process. When using Ekuanot® pellets, consider incorporating them during the whirlpool or dry hop stages to maximize aroma extraction. Additionally, storing your pellets properly in a cool, dark environment can help preserve their freshness and ensure optimal flavor contribution to your beer.

The Impact of Ekuanot on the Craft Beer Industry

Ekuanot® has played a significant role in shaping the modern craft beer landscape. Breweries like Lagunitas have embraced this hop variety, incorporating it into flagship brews and seasonal releases, further cementing its status among beer aficionados. Its unique flavor profile and versatility have inspired brewers to experiment with new recipes and push the boundaries of traditional beer styles. As consumer demand for innovative and flavorful beers continues to grow, Ekuanot® remains a staple ingredient in the arsenal of brewers worldwide.

Future Trends and Innovations with Ekuanot

As consumer preferences evolve, so too will the utilization of Ekuanot® hops in brewing. Whether it’s experimenting with new beer styles or refining brewing techniques, the future holds endless possibilities for this versatile hop. With advancements in hop breeding and processing technology, brewers can expect to see even more innovative hop varieties in the coming years. From cryo-hops to hop extracts, the next generation of hop products promises to offer brewers new ways to enhance aroma, flavor, and bitterness in their beers.

Sourcing Ekuanot® Hops from Hop Head Farms

For brewers looking to source Ekuanot® hops for their next batch, look no further than Hop Head Farms. We are the leading wholesale hops company offering high-quality hops in bulk quantities. With a commitment to providing top-notch hops, we ensures that brewers have access to the freshest ingredients for your brewing endeavors. Whether you’re in need to buy bulk hops for large-scale production or looking to stock up on supplies for your homebrewing passion, Hop Head Farms offers a wide selection of hop varieties to suit your needs. Visit our website to explore our range of bulk hops and experience the difference quality makes in your brews.


In conclusion, Ekuanot® hops, with their pronounced aroma characteristics and vibrant flavor profile, have become a staple ingredient in the repertoire of brewers worldwide. Whether you’re crafting a hop-forward IPA or experimenting with a new beer style, Ekuanot® offers endless possibilities for innovation and creativity. So, why not hop on board and elevate your brews with the essence of Ekuanot®?
  • Ekuanot® hops offer a unique blend of citrus, berry, and tropical fruit flavors.
  • Experiment with late boil additions and dry hop techniques for maximum aroma.
  • Consider hop substitutions if Ekuanot® is not readily available.
  • Ekuanot® pellets provide convenience without compromising on flavor.
  • Stay informed about the latest trends and innovations in the world of brewing with Ekuanot®.
With Ekuanot® hops, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Cheers to brewing brilliance!

How to Purchase Ekuanot Hops

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Q. What do Ekuanot hops taste like?

A. Ekuanot® hops offer a unique flavor profile characterized by notes of citrus, berry, papaya, lime, and hints of green pepper. These hops impart a vibrant and refreshing taste to your beer, making them ideal for adding complexity and depth to a wide range of beer styles.

Q. What are the characteristics of Ekuanot hops?

A. Ekuanot® hops are known for their pronounced aroma characteristics and extremely high oil content. They contribute vibrant flavors and aromas of citrus, berry, and tropical fruit, making them a versatile choice for brewers seeking to create aromatic and flavorful beers.

Q. How do you pronounce Ekuanot hops?

A. Ekuanot® hops are pronounced “eh-KWAH-not.” The name is derived from the indigenous word for “equinox,” reflecting the hop’s seasonal emergence and vibrant characteristics.

Q. Where can I purchase Ekuanot hops for my next brew?

A. If you are looking to buy hops for your next brew, you can go visit Hop Head Farms is a trusted supplier of high-quality hops, including Ekuanot®, ensuring that you have access to fresh and flavorful hops for your brewing endeavors.

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