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CTZ Hops

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About this Hop

Understanding CTZ Hops: What Sets Them Apart?

CTZ hops, also known as Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus hops, are a high-alpha hop variety prized for their bittering potential and complex aroma profile. Originally marketed as a trio of similar hops, CTZ stands out for its pungent, dank, and citrusy characteristics, making it a favorite among brewers seeking to impart bold flavors and aromas to their beers.


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The Bittering Power of CTZ: How They Influence Beer

With their high alpha acid content, CTZ hops are renowned for their bittering potential. When added early in the brewing process, CTZ hops contribute a clean, crisp bitterness that balances the sweetness of malt and adds depth to the finished beer. Brewers often rely on CTZ hops for bittering additions in a wide range of beer styles, from ales to lagers.


Brewing with CTZ Hops: Tips and Techniques for Success

When brewing with CTZ hops, it’s essential to consider their alpha acid content and aroma profile. For bittering additions, calculate the amount of hops needed to achieve the desired bitterness level, typically around 1 oz per gallon for a standard batch. For aroma additions, experiment with different hop schedules and dry hopping techniques to extract the maximum flavor and aroma from CTZ hops.
A table displaying information about the hop variety 'CTZ' from Hop Head Farms, including pairs well with "C" hops, high alpha and bittering hop profile, and substitutes: Nugget, Chinook, Magnum, and Pahto.


Exploring CTZ Hop Aroma: A Sensory Adventure

In addition to their bittering power, CTZ hops offer a complex aroma profile that adds depth and character to the beer. Expect to encounter notes of citrus, earthy undertones, and a hint of dankness when using CTZ hops in your brews. Whether you’re brewing an IPA or a pale ale, CTZ hops can elevate the aroma profile and leave a lasting impression on your palate.


Beer Styles and CTZ Hops: Perfect Pairings

In the ever-evolving world of craft beer, CTZ hops find their place in a variety of beer styles. From hop-forward IPAs to rich, malty lagers, CTZ hops add versatility and dimension to any brew. Experiment with different beer styles and hop combinations to discover the perfect pairing for CTZ hops in your brewing adventures.


Using CTZ Hops in Different Brewing Applications

CTZ hops are not limited to bittering additions; they can also be used for aroma and flavor enhancements in brewing. Consider adding CTZ hops during the whirlpool or dry hopping stages to maximize their aromatic potential. Their versatile nature makes them suitable for a wide range of brewing applications, allowing brewers to unleash their creativity and experiment with new flavors and techniques.


CTZ Hops vs. Other Hop Varieties: A Comparative Analysis

When comparing CTZ hops with other hop varieties, it’s essential to consider their alpha acid content, aroma profile, and brewing characteristics. While CTZ hops share similarities with other high-alpha varieties like Cascade and Nugget, they also possess unique traits that set them apart. Experiment with different hop varieties to discover the perfect balance of bitterness and aroma for your brews.


CTZ Hop Substitutions: Finding Alternatives

If CTZ hops are not available or you’re looking for alternatives, several hop varieties offer similar characteristics and can be used as substitutions. Consider experimenting with other high-alpha varieties like Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus, or explore aromatic hops like Cascade and Nugget for a different flavor profile. The key is to find a hop that matches the bitterness and aroma profile desired for your brew.


The Evolution of CTZ Hops: From Yakima to Your Brew Kettle

Originally developed in the Yakima Valley, CTZ hops have come a long way since their introduction in the 1970s. With their distinct flavor and aroma profile, CTZ hops have become a staple in American brewing, playing significant roles in the creation of iconic beer styles like American pale ales and IPAs. As brewing techniques and preferences evolve, CTZ hops continue to adapt and remain a favorite among brewers worldwide.


The Future of CTZ Hops in Brewing

Looking ahead, the future of CTZ hops in brewing appears promising. As craft beer enthusiasts continue to explore new flavors and brewing techniques, this beer hops offer endless possibilities for innovation and experimentation. Whether used as a bittering agent or for aroma additions, CTZ hops will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of modern brewing for years to come.


Where Can I Buy CTZ Hops?

You can buy CTZ hops directly from us at Hop Head Farms. We pride ourselves on providing brewers with high-quality, fresh hops to enhance their brewing experience. Visit our website to explore our selection of CTZ hops and other varieties, and order with confidence knowing you’re getting the best hops available.



  • CTZ hops, also known as Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus hops, are prized for their high alpha acid content and complex aroma profile.
  • When brewing with CTZ hops, consider their bittering potential, aroma characteristics, and versatility in different brewing applications.
  • Experiment with hop schedules, dry hopping techniques, and hop combinations to discover the perfect pairing for CTZ hops in your brews.
  • CTZ hops offer a unique flavor and aroma profile that adds depth and character to a wide range of beer styles, making them a favorite among brewers worldwide.

How to Purchase CTZ Hops

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What does “CTZ” stand for?

“CTZ” stands for Columbus, Tomahawk, and Zeus, which are three different names for the same hop variety. These names are often used interchangeably in the brewing community.

What beer styles are CTZ hops best suited for?

CTZ hops are versatile and can be used in a variety of beer styles. They are particularly well-suited for hop-forward styles like IPAs and American pale ales, as well as for bittering additions in lagers and other malt-forward brews.

How do I use CTZ hops in brewing?

CTZ hops can be used for bittering, aroma, and flavor additions in brewing. For bittering, add them early in the boil to extract their alpha acids. For aroma and flavor, consider adding them late in the boil, during whirlpooling, or in dry hopping for maximum aromatic impact.

What are the flavor and aroma characteristics of CTZ hops?

CTZ hops are known for their pungent, dank, and citrusy characteristics. They can impart flavors and aromas of earthy undertones, resinous pine, and hints of citrus fruits like grapefruit and lemon, depending on how they are used in brewing.

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