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Grungeist Hops – The Green Ghost

Grungeist Hop Head Farms

Grüngeist the green hop is a favorite of the Hop Head Farms team and it is being discovered by brewers across the U.S.

The unique combination of peach and passion fruit are equally balanced with a hint of lemon zest and floral essence. The flavors, aromas and specs (2.90% alpha acids, 9.00% beta, 19.20% CoH, 38.30% CoL and 1.2 total oils) make Grüngeist an extremely versatile hop.



This German aroma variety was developed in the Hop Research Center Hüll (Hopfenforschungszentrum Hüll). This hop research institution focuses on breeding, harvesting, and chemistry. It is located in the largest continuous hop-planting region in the world, Hallertau  Germany in the state of Bavaria.  The Hop Research Society was founded in 1926 in response to an endemic of downy mildew in Germany. The Hüll Institute is also responsible for recently giving us great varieties like Hallertau BlancMandarina BavariaHull Melon.

Grüngeist was featured in DRAFT Magazines “8 up and coming hops brewers are digging this year” READ THE FULL STORY
We think this one is here to stay!
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