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Collab Brew

Our New England Hop Head team had the opportunity recently to collaborate and brew with Michigan native Riley from Wormtown Brewing Company in Worcester MA. Wormtown brewery just had its 8th birthday and is known for a New England favorite, Be Hoppy IPA as well as a great Lager series and innovative and creative recipes.

Beer Pouring

Riley selected 4 hops from our Michigan farms and a Michigan Pale Malt from Empire Malting Company for this rotating series of beers called Hopular Culture. Centennial, Chinook, Cascade and Cashmere gave this Double IPA fruity pineapple, melon and tangerine notes. The beer has the hazy appearance and smooth finish of a New England IPA. The varieties used really show off the different flavors the Michigan Terrior provides. Learn More about what makes Michigan-grown varieties unique HERE

We really enjoyed the process of collaborating with  Wormtown. The release of Hopular Culture #005 is available in cans at the brewery in Worcester and select bars in MA.

Contact if your brewery would like to collaborate on a beer with our team.