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Michigan Grown Vista is Here!

Hops Farm

With the calendar turning to July, six acres of our newest Michigan-grown hop variety, Vista, is making its inaugural trip to the top of the wire. Vista, experimentally known as “074”, is the newest commercialized hop variety from the USDA and has us as growers and you, our customers, excited for both its aroma profile and sustainability metrics. The hop is available for spot purchase immediately and contracting for crop year 2023 and going forward.

Hops Field

Why Brewers Love Vista:

Aroma Characteristics:  Vista is a new color on the brewer’s palette bringing tropical fruit, stone fruit and sweet citrus with notes of melon, pear and green tea.

Beer Types: Highly versatile, Vista has all the characteristics brewers seek for IPA’s…be it NEIPA, West Coast IPA, or somewhere in between.

Application:  Best suited for late kettle, whirlpool or dry hop applications, Vista can stand alone and also “plays well with others”.  At lower dose rates, Vista is equally at home in Lager styles bringing some finesse along with its complexity.

Why Farmers Love Vista:

Sustainability/Agronomics:  While Vista’s brewing characteristics are excellent, to have legs in today’s hop world a variety needs to deliver sustainability in addition to flavor and aroma.   Vista is high yielding and has shown to be drought and heat tolerant.  Vista was a stand-out in our Michigan farm’s experimental yard for three plus years showing vigorous growth and good resistance to pests and disease.  That performance and feedback from the brewing community has led us to make an initial commitment to six commercial acres with potentially more to follow,


Vista, previously known as 2006009-074, or simply “074”, is a relatively new offspring from Dr. John Henning and [USDA-ARS] commercialized late 2021.  Vista is an open pollination cross sharing genes of tetraploid Perle female and an unknown male plant.  With the dominance of proprietary varieties in recent years, it’s exciting to have a variety in the public domain that delivers big flavor at a more brewer friendly price point.

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