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Hop Head Farms is and has been a proud channel partner for John I. Haas since 2019.  We have access to their complete catalog of hops and hop products, including Australia and HBC varieties as well as their wide range of innovative hop products providing the brewer with solutions to many of the challenges presented by the high hopping rates of modern recipes. Focused on increased utilization, process efficiencies and cost reduction, these products enable the brewer to achieve desired hop flavor and aroma while introducing less vegetative material to the brewing process resulting in reduced losses and superior liquid recovery.  As a rule of thumb, every 1 kg of hop solids (vegetative material) can absorb as much as 10 liters of wort or beer!  This of course will vary depending on specific processes and equipment, but it’s a reliable jumping off point.  Meaning late kettle, whirlpool, and/or dry hop addition at 2 lbs. per bbl Type 90 pellets can retain as much as 19 pints, or 16 oz cans, of beer.  And 2 lbs. per bbl is pretty conservative considering some IPA recipes!  In the past three-to-four years, Haas has introduced to the market several new innovative hop formats that are designed to increase yields while providing economic efficiencies to the brewer.  Below are some of the products that have us most excited: 

  • For hot side and/or cold side (dry hop) applications, LUPOMAX® is a highly consistent, concentrated lupulin pellet designed to deliver optimized hop flavor and aroma.  From selection of raw hops by a trained sensory panel to standardization of the lupulin content, LUPOMAX® delivers true-to-type varietal hop character and reliable results lot to lot, and year to year.   LUPOMAX® is currently available in Amarillo®, Azacca®, BRU-1™, Cascade, Cashmere, Centennial, Chinook, Citra®, Ekuanot®, El Dorado®, Idaho 7™,, Mosaic®, Sabro®, and Talus®.
  • For hot side applications, such as late kettle or whirlpool, INCOGNITO® is a 100% all-natural liquid hop product designed to deliver concentrated varietal flavor and aroma while maximizing brewing efficiencies and reducing process losses.  INCOGNITO® is currently available in Centennial, Chinook, Citra®, Ekuanot®, El Dorado®, Mosaic®, and Sabro®.
  • On the cold side, as an alternative and novel means to achieve dry hop character, SPECTRUM is a flowable, 100% hop-derived product that is fully dispersible in cellar applications delivering great flavor and aroma with increased efficiency, and minimal beer loss.  SPECTRUM is currently available in Citra®, Eclipse®, Galaxy®, and Mosaic®.
  • For bittering on the hot side, Flex® Flowable Bittering Extract is an easy to use, easy to pour flowable bittering hop product derived from pure hops. Flex eliminates a significant amount of the vegetative material in hops thereby reducing wort loss while providing a 10-20% increase in alpha acid utilization relative to standard T90 pellets.

Please note that most varieties noted above are regularly stocked by HHF.  However, certain varieties may be special order products that will require a minimum customer commitment, which will vary by product type.  Please reach out to your sales representative if you do not see a variety on our website but have an interest in that product/variety, whether on spot or contract.

For more information, please visit and follow the links to Concentrated Hop Products for Products, Innovations and Solution, or PNW for current Hop Breeding Company availability.