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Every Brewer Needs A Maltster – SEPTEMBER SAVINGS!

Maltster 15% September discount
Every Brewer Needs a Maltster – 15% OFF ALL BAGS IN SEPTEMBER Proximity wants to be yours. When it comes to your malt, we’re changing expectations for the better. Whether you’re on a two-barrel or a fifty-barrel system, we want to explore malt with you. Not only that, we are determined to help make your brew day–and your beer–as good as it can be.WHAT DOES YOUR TEAM VALUE MOST?

  • Reliable supply Our two malt-houses are intentionally located at the intersection of low protein, European-style barley origination and successful communities of craft brewing. It’s great to know where your barley grows.
  •  Easier brewing, better efficiency, and better beer flavor through malt process innovations focused on better sanitation, handling, energy consumption and grain modification precision
  •   Diverse and growing selection of high performance products from base malts to specialty and roasted malts offered at competitive prices.
  •  Exceptional Service and support on your malt performance, product development and delivery requirements.  We’re single mindedly focused on providing brewers with exceptional experiences time after time regardless of size, beer style or logistical needs. We promise big, and we deliver.


Check out our updated product list, including an assortment of base malts, three roasted chocolate malts, a crystal wheat, and a chocolate rye. Here’s the best part – We’re offering an unlimited 15% off of ALL bagged malt orders placed in the month of September. That’s up to $230 per pallet.

Reach out to one of our sales team directly or contact for general inquiries. 

Tom Malover –  Midwest / West

Dave Hunter –  Northeast

Taylor Krugh – Southeast