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El Dorado Hops is coming to Michigan!

eldorado the tropical hop

Have you heard the news?! El Dorado® is coming to Michigan!

Hop Head Farms is proud to announce that we are now a licensed grower of El Dorado® hops! CLS Farms, of Moxee, WA, has placed their trust in Hop Head Farms, as the first grower outside of the Pacific Northwest, to produce and deliver the quality and character the El Dorado® Brand is known for in the nation’s 4th largest hop producing state, Michigan.

El Dorado® is a highly versatile hop. Known as “The Tropical Hop™”, El Dorado® exhibits bright tropical fruit with top-notes of pear, melon and stone fruit. With total oil content of 2.5-3.3%, these flavors and aromas aren’t shy, making El Dorado® a “go to” choice for Pale Ale, IPA and DIPA. Whether hazy or bright, El Dorado® delivers on juicy, and can go a little dank with a later harvest window and higher usage rates. With alpha content typically 13-17%, and a moderate Co-Humulone content, El Dorado® can also be a good choice for bittering making it a very unique “dual purpose” hop. Debuting on the list in 2017, El Dorado® ranked 8th in the Top 10 Hops Used by Craft Brewers in the Brewers Association 2019 survey, for brewing year 2018 (BA Hop Usage Survey, The New Brewer, Vol. 36, No. 6, Nov/Dec 2019).


Our trellises are currently under construction with planting planned for the summer 2020. We anticipate our first productive crop during the 2021 harvest season.