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Crystal Hop – America’s answer to HALLERTAU MITTELFRÜH

Crystal Post Hops


The Crystal Variety came out the 1983 breeding program at Oregon State University. It is often said to be America’s impression of Hallertau Mittelfruh. Crystal is a cultivator from Mittelfruh, Cascade as well as Brewers Gold.  Alpha oils, CoH and total oils are almost identical to Mittelfruh as well as the floral, lemon, citrus spice of the Noble variety.  When used at higher quantities, Crystal can produce an intense lime, orange peel, and lemon grass flavors. Its woodsy top notes balance the combination of fruit and wood in this versatile hop. It is most often used as an aroma addition to make use of its noble spicy, earthiness.

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Compared to other growing regions, our Michigan climate is most most like the Hallertau region in Bavaria. We share a humid continental climate classification. The Hallertau region is famous for its noble flavors among its traditional varieties. Our similarities allows the Crystal variety to thrive in our Michigan fields.

ALPHA: 4.17%  BETA 7.74%   CoH% 21.70%  CoL% 33.30%  Total Oils: 1 

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Common Beer Styles Using Crystal Hops:

  • Light Lager
  • Golden Ales
  • Pilsners
  • Belgian Ales
  • Bocks
  • Brown Ales
  • IPAs & Pale Ales
  • Stouts
  • Alts
  • Kolsch
  • ESB