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ZUPER SAAZER – Michigan grown SAAZ

Zuper Saazer Hops

ZUPER SAAZER – A Michigan take on a classic variety 

The classic Noble variety Saaz is know for earthy, herbal, spice and pleasant earthy aromas. Traditional Saaz is very low in Alpha Acids and primarily used as an aroma hop. However, brewers can also obtain a delicate bitterness when adding Saaz as an early addition. Dating back over 700 year to the City of Zatec, brewers have been using  Czech Saaz  primarily for Czech Pilsners.

CZ SAAZ:  ALPHA: 3.40%  BETA: 4.70%    CoH: 27.50%    TOTAL OILS: 0.40%

Our Michigan grow Saaz, ZUPER SAAZER  has the classic herbal, floral spicy aromas with an Alpha Kick! ( 6.27% Alpha Acids compared to 3.40% in Czech Saaz )  Our Michigan Terroir and climate are perfect for growing this variety.

ZUPER SAAZER: ALPHA: 6.27%  BETA: 6.98%   CoH 33.60%  CoL 50.10%   Total Oils: 1

We have seen US Craft Brewers use Zuper Zaazer  in a variety of different styles.  It is truly versatile variety.

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