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Hop Head Farms provides quality Midwest beer hops to craft brewers and home brewers. Our premium beer hop products include whole wet (fresh) cones, dried whole cones, and pelleted beer hops.
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Hop Heads Field July


Sustainable growing practices.


We know our crop intimately. Using Integrated Pest Management [IPM] principles, Hop Head Farms keeps tabs on everything that is happening within our yards. IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach that relies on a combination of common sense practices to monitor and control insect pests and damaging plant disease. We are experienced in using both biological controls that align with organic growing practices and conventional methods. By integrating the two, we get the best results and remain good stewards of the land.


At Hop Head Farms, our focus is always to provide the highest quality hops to brewers large and small. Our system ensures that we produce a consistent product, whether it is wet hops, whole dried or pelleted. We have the equipment that is scaled to handle large batches of hops, yet treat them like the delicate flowers that they are. Each step in processing is done with efficiency and an attention to detail.


“The hopyard is an extension of the brewery.” 


Our team knows how important sanitation is for our brewer clients.  We pride ourselves on clean facilities from the harvester through storage. We see the hop yard as an extension of the brewery. Every surface the hops touch needs to be clean and certified food safe – whether it is a wet hop or packaged and pelleted.


Our network now includes growers throughout the U.S. Midwest, Germany, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. We all have one goal in mind – Quality!

Clean Hop Head Farms Facilities


At Hop Head Farms we use a combination of German equipment and American ingenuity.   The Germans have been growing hops and refining harvesting and drying equipment for decades.  From cutting the bines in the field to plucking hop flowers cleanly to drying them to perfection – each piece is very important.   Our equipment was chosen to work as a full system and it is continually fine tuned depending on the hop variety and conditions for that harvest year.


  • Timing- Hops are picked at their peak readiness to reach optimal oil levels.
  • Clean- Newer WHE Hop Harvesters with an after cleaner plucks the flowers from the bines leaving no stem attached, and almost no leaves or debris make their way into the hop belt.
  • Speed – Fresh hops make their way into vented bins within minutes of the bines being cut from the field for wet hop deliveries. They come out clean and ready to brew with!
  • Efficient – All other hops are carried by conveyer belt directly into the oast towers to be dried




The Hop Head Farms drying system is German engineered and specially designed for our facilities and farm sizes.


  • Batch drying- The system is designed to be continuously refilled as hops pass through the layers.   Fresh hops go to the dryer sooner.
  • Clean- Clean heated air is blown up through the beds of hops.   No burning gas fumes!
  • Speed- The hops are exposed to heat for less time than traditional American methods.
  • Consistent- Because of the combination of our experience and the technology to set parameters and monitor heat and moisture levels closely, we are able to create consistently dried batches for thousands of pounds of hops.
  • Conditioning- After leaving the oast, Hop Head Farms Hops are conditioned perfectly in specialized vented chambers.  Once ready, the hops are baled, and stored in the cooler, ready to be pelleted.




At Hop Head Farms, we aim for perfection.  We take pride in delivering the freshest hop pellets with great aroma and high oil content.


  • Tested methods- By working with brewers, we have adjusted our pelleting methods to ensure our product has great utilization and exceeds expectations.
  • Attention to detail- We love hops!  We are continually doing quality inspections on the baled material before pelleting and after.
  • Accurate brewing Analysis for every lot- Every lot of pellets is tested and given it’s own analysis posted on the finish label.  Brewers need to know exactly what they are getting, not a range of what it might be.




All hop pellets are sealed in nitrogen flushed oxygen barrier bags, then boxed and stored frozen until shipped.