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Hop Head Farms provides quality Midwest beer hops to craft brewers and home brewers. Our premium beer hop products include whole wet (fresh) cones, dried whole cones, and pelleted beer hops.
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Hop Head Farms LLC is a Midwest grower, processor, and marketer of high quality aroma and traditional hop varieties. Quality is the number one goal at Hop Head Farms. Attention to detail and sustainable growing practices are used throughout all operations in order to deliver the highest quality hops to our brewers. In addition to Michigan grown hops, we import the best aroma and traditional hops from Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovenia.


Hop Head Farms was established in 2011 to supply the Midwest craft beer community with high quality Michigan hops. Starting in Hickory Corners, Michigan, Hop Head Farms quickly realized the need to expand acreage in order to meet demand from the growing craft beer industry across the U.S. In 2014, Hop Head Farms partnered with Ceres Partners to increase their acreage and expand production.

Hop Head Farms is the Midwest leader in hop processing and production.  We currently have over 500 acres in production and development and an extensive network of European hop growers.  In order to meet the demand from over 300 brewers that we currently serve, we continue to build a strong team.  In the summer of 2016, we added a second processing facility in Berrien County, Michigan in order to double production capacity. In addition to the new facility, we will continue to grow our varietal portfolio while maintaining our emphasis on quality.


From the beginning the Hop Head Farms system was designed to  work with a network of growers that we work alongside with to ensure the best quality from spring through harvest.


Our network now includes growers throughout the U.S. Midwest, Germany, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.   We all have one goal in mind – Quality!

Hop Head Farm Network Farmers