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Mr. Green Genes Series – Vol. 2 – Why Hops?

Posted by on November 12, 2013
Aerial by EAI

Aerial by EAI

Premise: see former post about Fantasy vs. Reality.¬† This post, by Mr. Green Genes is in response to the many inquiries we get about people “interested in” or “thinking about” or “wondering if you could answer a few questions about” – putting in a hop yard.


EASY ANSWERS (not necessarily the opinions of yours truly):

…because we love craft beer. …because we are “plant geeks”. …because we love to be outside. …because we like visiting breweries. …because they smell great and are pretty. …because we’re home brewers. …because they are a cool plant. …because our idols are craft beer entrepreneurs.

…because we have a chunk of land and don’t know what to do with it. …because the craft beer industry is explosive and we see the potential for hops. …because we live close to a brewery (Who doesn’t in MI?). …because we tired of our boring jobs (and want to work more hours in our hop yard after we come home). …because there’s more money in it than corn or soybeans. …because we have some money and don’t know what to do with it (Bwaaa Ha Ha!). because hops go for $XX per pound! …because we are suckers for punishment.



…because we are not afraid of hard work and long hours. …because we want to do something that’s different than our previous (or concurrent) jobs. …because we have a background in plants and enjoy the challenge of finding out and providing for what the plant “wants”. …because we care about the quality of the beer we drink and want to contribute to the craft beer market’s overall success. …because we see what is happening on the macro-side of the economics of hop acreage and supply and demand. …because we are lucky enough to have the resources available to put up a hop yard and eventually make some money at it.



because we are willing to do whatever it takes to make a world class product worthy of the beers that are made by the master craftspeople we know and love. …because we took a long look at all the aspects of what it takes to create a viable business plan that factors in all expenses and overhead for the cost of running the business and when we got to the bottom line it STILL made sense. …because we are in it for the long haul, chips are all in, a calculated¬† risk, ready for bust (hopefully not) or a windfall (in due time).


What are your answers?


Mr. Green Genes

P.S. Look for upcoming posts on “FAQ’s”…..

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