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Hop Head Farms – (mostly) Harvest Clients & Their Beers 1st of 3 or more

Posted by on November 30, 2013
     Just a quick note before many more of our hops hit the market and crazily delicious new beers are created with the latest and greatest newly released hops from the research center in Hüll, Germany.  The list below comprises the brewers and breweries that have used either wet, dried whole cone, or our European process, pelleted hop products for the commercial craft beer industry.  We also love home brewers and you can find our hops online on our very own webstore; at Chicago Brew Werks in Chicago, IL; at O’ Conners in Grand Rapids, MI; or most recently, soon to be available through Northern Brewer.  Look for another list coming shortly through the Hop Head Farms blog-o-sphere of more of our customers that now span from Minnesota to Texas, from California to Indiana.

If you can find any of these beers below (good luck many are sold out), especially the Harvest types, get ‘em soon and drink ‘em down, ’cause they’ll be best before the New Year. 

Latitude 42's Hop Head Centennial Harvest Ale

Latitude 42′s Hop Head Centennial Harvest Ale

Mr. Green Genes

HHF Customers & Beers (< = 10/16/13)

*= denotes wet hopped

Minnesota   -   Surly  Brewing Company   *“WET”

Indiana   -   Three Floyds Brewing Company   *“Broo Doo” + others


Latitude 42   -   *“Hop Head Centennial Harvest”

Boatyard Brewing Company   -   *“Harvest”

Gonzo’s Bigg Dogg Brewery   -   “IPA”

Greenbush   -   *“Demeter”

Walldorff Brewpub & Bistro   -   “Harvest” + mainstays, like “Hopnoxious”

Founders   -   *“Harvest Ale”

Bell’s Brewery   -   “Christmas Ale, Kalamazoo IPA, Midwestern Pale Ale, & Harvest”

Perrin Brewing   -   “Harvest Ale”


Chicago, IL :

Revolution Brewing Company   -   “Local Hero”

Haymarket   -   *“Humulus Lingus”

Dry Hop   -   *“Little Fog Feet”

Pipeworks   -   “Cascade Ninja”

Begyle   -   “Farmers Hand”

Lake Effect, Fountainhead & Cleetus Friedman – *“27 Blocks”


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