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Author Archives: HopHeadFarms

Hop Head Farms – (mostly) Harvest Clients & Their Beers 1st of 3 or more

     Just a quick note before many more of our hops hit the market and crazily delicious new beers are created with the latest and greatest newly released hops from the research center in Hüll, Germany.  The list below comprises the brewers and breweries that have used either wet, dried whole cone, or our European … Continue reading »

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Mr. Green Genes Series – Vol. 2 – Why Hops?

Premise: see former post about Fantasy vs. Reality.  This post, by Mr. Green Genes is in response to the many inquiries we get about people “interested in” or “thinking about” or “wondering if you could answer a few questions about” – putting in a hop yard. WHY HOPS? EASY ANSWERS (not necessarily the opinions of … Continue reading »

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John Mallett/Director of Operations at Bell’s Brewing Inc. Q&A with Bob Benenson

John Mallett, the longtime director of operations for Michigan’s thriving Bell’s Brewery, has been a major figure in the craft brewing trade since its still-formative days in the late 1980s. As a recent college graduate, he rose quickly to the position of head brewer at Boston’s Commonwealth brewery. After taking a break to obtain a … Continue reading »

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Time for a reality check – hop fantasies, Mr. Green Gene Series, 1 of ?

OK.  Where do I start?  I’ve had a few days to get the heart rate down from some (literal) muddy ruts on the road to building an end to end hop processing center in Southwest Michigan- tractor stuck, semi delivering planting paper stuck, contractors’ trucks stuck, ice to mud back to ice… So, there’s a … Continue reading »

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Growing Hops is a LOT of Work- Even in the Winter: a note fromHopHeadBon

Hello out there, in internet land!  Jeff and I get a lot of questions like: “What do you guys do in the winter?“ “When do you start to get busy?“ and  “What are you doing on the farm right now” Well, these are all good questions I guess.  Jeff gets a little annoyed because he … Continue reading »

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Even More From the American Hop Convention: Part II from Hop Head Jeff

So this is what it is all about folks, growing and selling great hops.  This pic is from the bigger hop cooler where all Sierra Nevada’s whole cone hops are stored until they are staged in the smaller hop room where the brewers fill 55 gallon drums to the brim with hops for the bittering, … Continue reading »

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More from 2013 American Hop Grower Convention:from HopHead Bon

  Wow!!! What a crazy 2 days it has been!  As we get ready for day 3, I am trying to sort out what we have experienced so far. On Tuesday afternoon we were allowed to sit in on the National Clean Plant Network meeting.  This was very interesting.  We realized how much goes into … Continue reading »

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Lessons from the USA Hop Convention: A note from HopHead Bon

      It is Day 1 of the 2013 USA Hop Convention.  Jeff and I arrived in Chico last night.   We had a great time hanging out with many PNW hop growers in the lounge at the hotel. This is just the beginning.  We have 4 more days to go.  Each day we will … Continue reading »

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Team Hop Head Taking on New Members! a note from Hop Head Bon

Harvest was completed just a few short weeks ago.  The hop yard is all put to bed for the winter.  Now we begin planning for next year.  The work is never over.  It just changes gears. Jeff, Nunzino and I have some time to reflect on what we have built and what is yet to … Continue reading »

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Bill Welter owner/operator, Journeyman craft distillery, Q&A with Bob Benenson

Bill Welter — the owner/operator of Michigan’s Journeyman craft distillery — lived in Scotland for a while after college. While he moved to St. Andrews to pursue his passion for the game of golf. he also learned about Scotland’s other most famous export: whiskey. The interest he developed in distilling while visiting the Highlands would … Continue reading »

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